Fresh start!

Welcome to my photography world. This incarnation of my web presence replaces an old and dated site that became difficult to maintain and to an extent irrelevant to what I am doing. In an unusual piece of luck, a hosting upgrade blew away the old site; fortunately I had a backup of the pieces I wanted to keep. So, all my spare time this weekend has gone into what you see here. I realize you don’t notice that if you had not visited my site before, and maybe even if you had.
What is here now is what I want to be here, at least for the present. Coupled with two pages of galleries (one presently being exhibited and four older collections) will be blog posts appearing roughly on a weekly basis. Initially, these will be picture-of-the-week, either my work or someone else’s that I want to use as a starting point for commentary. So, after this long weekend, don’t expect one tomorrow! I am aiming at January 16 for my second post. In the interim, I will be fine-tuning this place, hoping to make it attractive to potential visitors.
In a nod to the reality of social communication, these posts will route themselves through my Facebook page. We shall see how that works out. If you are curious, just click on the Facebook entry, or navigate the old-fashioned way to my site


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