Fate Intervenes

Well, here I am a day past my target for a blog post, and it is not only late, but it is not a POTW!  Picture of the Week was my intent, and Monday was my goal, but fate intervened.  In a big way, and in the form of  an errant SUV which impaled the west side of the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square with its nose at about 2:00am last Tuesday.  Doing enough damage to close the gallery and spur its members to remove their art.

One story is about the event, who did what, how bad it was/is.  But the story I want to tell is about the people.  First, our president, Pam, informed the members of the co-op of what happened and its near-term impact.  The next morning, the members turned out to get their art out of harm’s way, and did it in style.  One brought in donuts and coffee, another empty boxes, and all brought a cheerfulness that belied the fact that we were temporarily out of business.  We de-hung that gallery in about four hours, smiling and laughing as we did it.

Then we let our customers know of the event and its impact.  One of the people who learned of our misfortune that day was Tommye Hurst, direct of The Arts Center of Clemson.  Her reaction was to ask, do you want to display some art in a new show about to open?  Well, of course we did.  A few days passed, plans were made and discussed, and details developed for what to do next.

Next turned out to be our co-op given the opportunity to configure the Arts Center exhibit room for Interconnections: 2017, a show that needed to be ready to open Thursday.  Details developed over the weekend, and yesterday we began to configure the Arts Center’s exhibit gallery — choosing cornerstone works and placing portable walls to set the show stylistically, then following up to fill in with smaller 2D things, jewelry and pottery.  Along the way, we got word to our glass artist and our wood turner.  The result is everyone in our co-op is now represented in a show we had not expected to be part of, and the room is almost finished.



So, here I am, doing something other than what I planned ten days ago.  I am sitting in my studio, Muddy Waters playing in the background, telling you about it.  And the primary ‘it’ is that artists are wonderful people.  Further, when you combine artists with friendship and add unexpected stress, something wonderful happens.  Yes, I am doing something I did not expect to do.  But I got it done sooner that I thought I might, and the overall effect is better than we could have hoped.

We will be ready to open at 5:30pm January19 at 212 Butler Street, Clemson, SC, home of The Arts Center.  To the Arts Center staff, thank you very much.  And to my fellow artists in the Pendleton Square Artist Cooperative, thank you, too.  You make stress bearable, and put the fun in adversity.

(and Muddy sings ‘Got my mojo workin…’)


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