About Purchasing Photographs

Selected fine art photographs (found in the Art Prints Gallery) are printed by the photographer or under his supervision, signed, and numbered.  Prints are on high quality rag papers, using the Epson Ultrachrome system.  Unmounted Prints may be ordered in 8x10 or 11x14 sizes; framed and ready-to-frame matted prints are available on request.  Locale and shooting information are provided. Prints larger than 12x15 available upon request, unmounted only. 


Some of these subjects are also available as notecards on high quality rag art paper from Crane. Notecards are sold individually ($5 each) and in sets of five ($20 set). The cards have photographs (described below) printed on the face with a blank inside. To purchase prints or notecards, email kimbler.kai@earthlink.net.


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The signed and numbered prints are numbered, not “limited editions”.  In classic printmaking, an edition is the set of prints made from a single master.  This is not the case in photographic prints, and so a limited edition makes no sense.  These prints are dated and numbered sequentially without regard to size, so the owner knows the origin and order of the print.  This is more useful information that a dubious “#5 of 50”, when the same photograph may be printed in another edition of simply a different size.


While there is natural concern over the expected life of a print, there can be no guarantee, regardless of materials or process.  These prints use high quality inks and acid-free paper.  They should be mounted using archival quality mattes and mounting materials, and framed behind glazing or protected by suitable surface finishing.  Recommended mounting is to use mounting tape rather than adhesive or dry-mount on mounting board.  All photographs on display should be in muted room light, with picture lights or accent lights used if necessary.  Tungsten light displays art with color best, with halogen next best.  Ordinary fluorescent light rarely displays a photograph at its best.  Direct sunlight and strong glare sources should always be avoided.  When professionally mounted and framed, and properly displayed, these prints should give decades of enjoyment.