Kimbler Fine Art Photography
About Del Kimbler
I am a retired engineering educator (professor emeritus of industrial engineering at Clemson University) with a lifelong interest in photography.  My early photographic experience includes a full-page photoessay in my college newspaper, part-time commercial photography and photojournalism, a special interest magazine cover, and a national travel photography contest.  My total work spans 40 years and four continents, primarily as an advanced amateur photographer.
More recently, I have specialized in fine art photography.  These works, almost all digital using Canon or Olympus cameras, are displayed here.  (Some monochromes are done using Bronica ETR.)  While my interests remain eclectic, my consistent theme has been, and probably will continue to be, social landscape.
My left-brained professional experience helps with the technical side of my digital processing.  My most distinctive works are produced in my home office, where I am aided by my right-brained wife.

Most recently I have become involved with the City of Clemson, SC, and something new on its arts scene, the ARTS Center. I now have the high honor of being the chief volunteer photographer, by appointment of the Mayor and by acceptance of the ARTS Center. These bring some new focus and opportunities to my work.

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